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Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Thru-Beam Sensors

The Emitter And Receiver On Thru-beam Sensors Are Aligned Opposite One Another. The Advantage Of This Is That The Light Reaches The Receiver Directly And Long Detection Ranges And High Excess Gain Can Therefore Be Achieved. These Sensors Are Capable ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Retro Reflective Sensors

Retroreflective Sensors Are Photoelectric Sensors. They Consist Of An Emitter And Receiver In A Single Housing. The Light Produced By The Emitter Is Reflected Back To The Receiver With A Reflector. Whenever This Light Beam Is Obstructed, The Output S ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Diffuse Mode Sensors

Diffuse Mode Sensors Are Particularly Easy To Install, Since Only One Device Has To Be Fitted And No Reflector Is Required. These Sensors Operate Primarily At Close Range, Feature Optimum Switching Accuracy, And Can Reliably Detect Even Very Small Ob ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Light Grids

Light Grids Are Ideal For Applications Where Wider Areas Need To Be Monitored. Light Grids Are Much Easier To Mount, Install, And Align And Are Therefore Preferred To Multiple Individual Photoelectric Sensors. Application Areas Range From Controlling ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Switching Sensor

Switching Sensors With Measurement Core Technology Are Based The Multi Pixel Technology (MPT) Developed By Pepperl+Fuchs. Thus, Multiple Operating Modes And Switching Points Are Easily Set Up In A Single Triangulation Sensor. These Photoelectric Sens ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber Optic Sensors And Cables Are The Perfect Solution For Applications Where The Direct Mounting Of Sensors Is Not Possible Due To Space Restrictions, Temperature Extremes, And So On. Small Fiber Optic Beams Are Ideal For Detecting Tiny Objects. Th ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Slot And Slot Grid Sensors

With A Fast Response Time, The Devices Are Ideal For Detecting Tiny Objects From Long Distances. They Are Frequently Used To Detect Objects On Vibrating And Oscillating Conveyors. Slot Grid Sensors Handle Challenging Counting And Monitoring Tasks Suc ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Distance Sensors

Even The Smallest Model Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Measuring And Positioning Tasks. It Operates Using Laser Triangulation And An Analog Output. All Other Sensors From The VDM Series Use Pulse Ranging Technology, Offer Long Sensing Ranges, And Ac ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Optical Data Couplers Sensor

The Optical Data Couplers Were Designed To Establish Wireless Communication With Stock Feeders, Industrial Trucks, Automated Transportation Systems, Overhead Conveyors And Docking Stations. Mechanical And Problematic RF- And Wi-Fi-based Transmissions ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Safety Sensors

Photoelectric Safety Sensors For Personnel SafetyPersonnel Protection Is Becoming Increasingly Important In Automated Processes. Wherever Machines Perform High-risk Movements, The Relevant Health And Safety Regulations Must Be Observed. Even If The O ... Continue

Pepperl Fuchs Photoelectric Contrast And Color Sensors

Contrast Sensors When A Contrast Sensor Passes The Taught-in Point Between The Background And Print Mark, It Quickly Recognizes It And Indicates The Exact Position Of The Mark. These Sensors Are Used For Precise Object Positioning In Printing Machine ... Continue

Print Mark Contrast Sensor DK20-9,5/B/110/124


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